Broken Film Poster Shoot

I was fortunate enough to have been asked to shoot a movie poster for my good friend and cinematographer/ director Alper Kasap. The film will be making its way around the independent film circuit so keep an eye on it. BROKEN

Sunderland Bay..Somewhere near Phillip Island.

Being a Melbourne photographer my work consists of mainly working in and around urban environments. Spending Easter in Sunderland bay Victoria, a quiet little town near Phillip Island gave me a chance to get away from the hustle. Our time was spent relaxing and going for walks to the beach. Naturally, there is always time for some landscape photography. I wanted to create some mood in the landscapes, using the LEE Bigstopper Neutral Density filter allowed me to shoot at a much lower shutter speed to show movement in the water. I had quite a few people ask me if this was early morning fog on the water's surface. My response was that I can't wake up that early for the fog :) Worlds laziest photographer signing off. 

Cloudy with a chance of drizzle shizzle..

The weekend started off with some crazy rain. It rained all night Thursday and Friday. I managed to get out and about on Saturday to check out my local water ways. It was a mess! You dont realise how much crap ends up down there. All the mess on the streets gets washed down there..out of sight out or mind. Lets keep the hood clean people. Check it out for your self.

Downtown Vegas Test

Some how during my week long bender in Vegas I managed to do litte test shoot with some local talent. I said to myself I would have a quiet night before the shoot however before I knew it we were at a table in Encore, Goose and Redbull all night long. Fun times. Luckily for me I was shooting with Kristen Adams, a local girl who was very comfortable in front of the camera. I was also very fortunate have Tai Shane doing hair and makeup. Tai originally from Thailand is a very talented hair, makeup and special fx artist living in Las Vegas. She did an amazing job! Everything was shot in Down Town Las Vegas, I kept it very simple using natural light and reflector. Here are the results...

Tip#201 If you are partying in Vegas and have test shoot the next morning make sure you have plenty of water in your room for when you wake up, Fiji water in the Aria is $12 a pop.

Sin City

I was able sneak in a quick trip to Las Vegas in February this year. A group of friends were already there so I decided to surprise them with a last minute flight. I flew in to LAX and drove through the desert towards Las Vegas. I really enjoyed the first two hours of the drive, cruising through the desert with the top down was kind cool (I had my fear and lothing in Las Vegas moment) however it got a little boring without a wingman or my Attorney. However I pressed on, testing the power of my Mustang.  I was heading deep into "Bat Country" . This phrase made more sense once my Vegas cherry was popped so to speak. It was truly a nocturnal experience, with many of the days passed with us locked in a hotel room.  We managed a few late afternoon ventures into the daylight but only for supplies. Hungover and hurting we were back quickly to get ready for another night on the strip. Wash, spin, dry and repeat..this was the way it was. In between all this I this I had a couple of nights to explore the streets looking for that Henri Cartier Bresson photo opportunity  This usually happened after a few pre-drinks to get me in the mood. Why not its Vegas. The nights were cold, theres a desert chill in the air. The strip was just winding up for another busy night. The pan handlers and performers had claimed their spots and were already working the tourists.  Inside the casinos the walkers were out again...hitting the slots and tables hard. No retreat no surrender! (great 80s martial arts flick if your into that sorta thing).  I didn't photograph in the casinos, I had been approached by a guard for taking shots earlier in the gaming room. If a big black man tells you to put your camera away and leave the casino you do so without hesitation. The DSLR is a big red light in these situations. So I focused on the streets. Here are the results. Hope you enjoy. 

Free your lens

Free-lensing A.K.A The Poor mans tilt shift, is a technique used to make images with the camera lens disconnected from the body. In essence you are floating the lens in front of the sensor manually adjusting the focal plane. With a litte practice you can get some crazy depth in your images. The tilting of the focal plane gives you this cool dream like bokeh. I decided to test this out in the field. The idea of freeing up the lens from the body fascinated me, I went out in the wild were things are also free from everyday human constraints and hoped this would resonate in the images I captured. Hope you enjoy. 

BTS Chinatown

Shooting early on a chilly Sunday morning requires little effort with great help. Thanks to Maria Gullace and Faisal West for all their efforts, getting up early to test, specially on your birthday Faisal. It was pleasure to working with young gun Rowena Xi Kang from Chadwicks. Awesome work in front of the lens! Boy can she move! Stay tuned for the final images. Here are some candid shots from the day,